Yr Group
Equipment to bring
Where to change
(Max 30)
5 & 6
Boys & Girls
Mrs WakemanJunior Playground3.00-4.00PE kitC4
Girls Football Club (Max 30)5 & 6
Mr BrownSchool Field12.20-12.50PE kit / Shin Pads / Drinks Bottle / Goalkeeping gloves (optional)C4
WednesdayChoir4, 5 & 6Mrs Lloyd & Mrs WakemanMusic Room12.20-12.50Singing Voices
Football Club
(Max 30)
5 & 6
Boys & Girls
Mr BarkerSchool Field15.00-16.00PE kit / Shin Pads / Drinks Bottle / Goalkeeping gloves (optional)C5/6
ThursdayOrchestraGrade 1 and aboveMrs LloydMusic Room12.20 - 12.50Instruments
Cross Country4, 5 & 6 (Max 20)Mrs StevensonSchool Field12.20 - 12.50Running ShoesC5
FridayJigsaw Puzzle ClubKS2 Boys and GirlsMiss SmithClass 612.20 - 12.50

Cricket and Rounders: Mrs Wakeman will be running the Cricket and Rounders club again this term. Come along and learn a new sport and brush up on those skills that haven’t been used over the winter. Inter school cricket and rounders matches start soon and children attending the club will be given the chance to represent the school. Please bring your PE kit. The club will run in all weathers with an indoor based activity inside during bad weather.

Yoga: Yoga helps to promote positive mental well-being. There are strong links between the emotional well-being of children and young people and their personal and social development and academic performance. As well as the physical benefits such as flexibility and balance, yoga helps children to become more aware of their bodies, relax and develop self esteem. Yoga differs from other forms of exercise because as well as exercising your body you are also working on calming the mind. Please do come along!

Early Bird Orchestra: This orchestra is instead of the orchestra held in the school day and a perfect way to start your day with nothing else to get in the way. There will be opportunities to play in assemblies and concerts later in the year. If you learn an orchestral instrument and would like to experience playing with others, this club is for you.
Mrs Burch would appreciate a musical helper if any parent would like to join her. This would enable children to be helped individually or for group sectionals to take place during the beginning of each term. If you would be interested please let the office know.

SCHOOL CLUBS – Some frequently asked questions

We know your child/children will enjoy participating in the extra-curricular life of Roundwood Primary School. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these clubs.

What time do the clubs start and finish?
• School clubs take place at lunchtime or start at 3.00pm and the children will be ready to be picked up from school at 4.00pm promptly.

Where does my child’s club take place?
• Please refer to the table overleaf.

What does my child need to bring to the club?
• This varies from club to club but brief details can be found overleaf. Children attending sports clubs need to ensure they have appropriate named footwear.

What happens if the club is cancelled?
• We aim to avoid cancelling clubs if at all possible as we are aware of the inconvenience this causes you. Sports clubs will try to do a tactics session in the class room. However, in the rare event that a club is cancelled, we will make every effort to let you know so that you can make appropriate arrangements to collect your child. If this is not possible, a member of staff will take responsibility for children from that club who have to remain at school until 4.00pm.

Does my child have to attend the club every week?
• Yes. We expect children to commit themselves to attending a club/clubs every week. If an absence is unavoidable, please let the member of staff running the club know in advance by letter or by ‘phoning the School Office. If your child is absent through illness, the member of staff running the club will check with the class teacher or the School Office.

Do clubs run every week throughout the term?
• Usually but children will be notified otherwise.

When collecting your child, will you make your way round to the hall, classrooms or the school fields where the activities are taking place.

If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the member of staff running the club. Thank you.

In the event of extreme inclement weather or school closure, please note that the extra-curricular clubs at the end of the day will not be taking place as we will be anxious to get the children home as soon as possible.