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The Roundwood Primary School Eco-Council was established in Spring 2008; it is made up of 2 children from each class (C1 upwards) who were elected by their classmates.

We meet during assembly time and Miss Fricker and Mrs. Cavenagh-Mainwaring supervise.

On 11th June as part of our Bananas’ theme ‘Reduce, re-use. recycle’, the eco-council presented the updated Eco-Code to the school during assembly. They explained that the Eco-Code reminds us what we can do around school in order to look after our immediate environment and the wider world. The Eco-Code is on display in every classroom.

C1Hollie and Finn
C1/2Gabby and Zac
C2Aoife and Max
C3Mimi and Lawrence
C3/4Sophia and Jayan
C4Evie and Jamie
C5Jemima and Rhys
C5/6Livvy and Henri

Roundwood Primary’s Eco–Code

We will:

  • Turn off the lights when a room is empty.
  • Use water bottles or reusable plastic cups.
  • Turn off the taps when we’re finished.
  • Put all non-recyclable litter in the bins.
  • Re-use then recycle paper, card and plastic.
  • Look after school property and grounds.
  • Turn computers off when we’ve finished.
  • Think before we print.
  • Only laminate when necessary.