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Roundwood Primary School has an active and committed team of Governors who play an important role in school life.

Purpose of the Governing Board

There are three main roles that the Governing Board fulfils. These are to:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

At Roundwood Primary School the Governing Board’s main focus, working with the leadership team is to:

  • conduct a self evaluation of the school’s performance and review the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP) developed by the Senior Leadership Team.
  • ensure appropriate Staffing and other resources to meet, as far as possible, the pupils’ educational needs
  • ensure the curriculum delivered develops in line with Government guidance and the pupils’ educational needs
  • ensure the school manages its activities within the income provided and thus maintains its financial viability
  • ensure the school meets all health and safety requirements and has robust safeguarding practices
  • act as a link between the neighbourhood, the school and the County Council.

Each Governor also has several areas of responsibility across the school, including at least one subject link plus responsibility for a key aspect of school such as finance, safeguarding, SEND provision, health and safety and wellbeing in order to gain a better understanding of activities, successes, developments and issues relating to each area.

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Who are we?

We currently have 14 Governors who form the Governing Board. The list of names below shows a mix of Local Authority, Co-Opted, Parent, Teaching and Associate Governors. You can find out more about each person by viewing their short bios. Please click the “Our Governors” tab at the top of the page.

Local Education AuthorityCo-Opted GovernorsParent Governors Teaching & Non-Teaching StaffAssociate Governors
Damiano SogaroRosemary HancockKamru MiahKate HooftIan Hawkins
Catherine MarkeGraham KirkHeather Brennan
David PendleburyLanna Shaw
Tracey Pritchard
Amy Morley
Yan Nicholls
Sharifa Khanom

Positions held within the Governing Body

How are Parent Governors Elected?

We have 3 parent governors on the Governing Board. Elections for parent Governors are held when necessary; if there are more nominations than vacancies a secret ballot is held. Parent Governors stand for a period of up to four years after which they may seek re-election. You may continue as a Parent Governor even after your child has left the school, subject to a maximum of four years.

Meetings & Committees

The Governors meet formally for a full Governing Board meeting twice a term, with additional meetings when necessary.

There are 2 main sub-committees which also meet at least termly:-

1. School Improvement Committee
This committee is responsible for supporting and challenging the school to drive overall improvement in standards across all areas.

Key responsibilities include
• ownership of the School Improvement Plan and any OFSTED action plan.
• improving academic achievement of all pupils in terms of both their attainment and progress.
• ensuring effective use of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding.
• improving the quality of teaching and oversight of pupil behaviour.
• advising on the school’s curriculum statement and the statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum.

2. Resources– chaired by Catherine Marke with Amy Morley responsible for Safeguarding and Ian Hawkins responsible for Health & Safety
This committee is responsible for overseeing, challenging and supporting the effective deployment of resources within the school.

Key responsibilities include:
• approving the budget for the year, taking into account longer term financial plans and school improvement priorities. Monitoring spend throughout the year
• approving financial reports that are submitted to County
• ensuring there is an appropriate Staffing structure and suitable working conditions
• reviewing that there is an effective performance management process together with relevant training and development of Staff
• ensuring appropriate policies and procedures are in place
• reviewing the results of any reviews, inspections and audits and ensuring any actions are taken as may be required
• governance; including an annual Governing Body Self Evaluation.
• undertaking an annual health & safety audit, ensuring that we are fully compliant with health & safety legislation timely development and deployment of the school safeguarding policy (reporting annually)
• identifying and prioritising capital projects

Within these main subcommittees, there are several distinct areas of focus, which particular governors are aligned more closely to. Separate meetings are held with relevant members of the GB and school staff with examples of these include Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Finance.

Governors’ Subject and Age Phase Links

All Governors are linked to a Subject area or Age Phase. During Governors’ visits to school, they meet with subject leaders and class teachers, observing lessons and discussing the actions for development as part of their role in supporting, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the school. The School Improvement Plan is discussed with the relevant members of staff and this provides good focus and useful insight.