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Contact Information
Headteacher: Kate Hooft
SENCo: Debbie O’Connor

Roundwood Primary School
Roundwood Park

Tel: 01582 460756
Fax: 01582 768014


Governor Information
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School Ethos and Values

At Roundwood Primary School we strive to provide a happy, healthy, safe and caring environment where everyone is valued. Our pupils are actively encouraged to reach their full potential both academically and socially. This will be recognisable through the children’s desire to learn and to equip themselves for life. The aim is for each child to be confident and have self-esteem, enabling them to act with increased independence and make responsible contributions to society.

Inclusive Education
Roundwood Primary School is committed to ensuring that all children are included in the social and educational life of the school. The strengths of all children will be recognised, in all areas, and children will have the opportunity to develop their interests through a range of activities offered by the school.
Where there may be barriers to learning and participation, the school will seek to address these in a way which involves the parents, the children themselves and, where appropriate, outside agencies. The school is committed to a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Roundwood seeks to be an effective partnership between staff, governors and parents providing a curriculum appropriate to each child. We have a common set of core beliefs based upon:

  • Being open and honest with each other
  • Being considerate and co-operative to promote positive behaviour
  • Communicating effectively
  • Being forward looking, receptive and adaptable to a changing world

Admission Arrangements
Our school provides free, part-time nursery education for rising fours. Children enter as Reception aged pupils at rising five. All Reception aged pupils commence full time education from the start of the Autumn Term.

Application and admissions is dealt with via the local authority.

Admissions and Transport
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DF
Call Centre: 0300 123 4043

Ofsted Report
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School Performance
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Pupil Premium
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Sport Premium
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KS2 SATs Results
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Curriculum Information


Request for paper copies
If you require paper copies of any school documentation, please ask at the school office and a copy will be provided.