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Oak, Maple and Willow Class

In our Foundation Stage Unit, Nursery and reception aged children learn to develop their curiosity and inquisitiveness across the different areas of learning.  There is an emphasis on language development, through both the spoken word, phonic awareness, writing skills and the development of a love of books and reading as well as the development of key number skills.  Children take part in experiential learning, generating their own areas for enquiry developed through topics of interest, seasonal changes, faith celebrations and key topics.

A ‘free flow’ learning environment encourages movement within and between areas of the classroom and the outside space, where children are given opportunities to develop and extend their lines of enquiry through structured and unstructured activities where children learn both independently and collaboratively, their experiences and conversations are observed carefully by the Early Years team to ensure key learning is identified and next steps planned to ensure deep learning takes place. 

Oak – Mrs Smith, Miss Champion, Mrs Dallow and Mrs Jarvis

Maple – Mrs Bentley

Willow – Miss Barltrop