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Class 3, Class 3/4 and Class 4

All subjects are taught in class groups except for in Maths, where Year 3 will be taught by Mrs Kraushaar and Ms Mullins and Year 4 will be taught by Miss Fricker or Miss Byfield. In addition to class teachers, children are also taught by Mrs Jones.

All homework will be sent home on Fridays. Active reading and maths homework (on MyMaths) will be set on alternate weeks. Spellings will be set fortnightly with a test on individual spelling words taking place the week after they are set. At the end of the following week, the spellings will be dictated within a sentence and children will be required to spell the learnt words in sentences to demonstrate an understanding of their meaning. Spellings for the half term will be uploaded to the website during the first week of each half term.

Class 3 – Ms Mullins

Class 3/4 – Miss Fricker

Class 4 – Miss Byfield

Teachers use the nationally agreed Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF) to help them assess your child’s classwork. The class teacher looks to see if the pupil is using the skill independently and frequently.